Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my online gallery?

Two weeks is usually my turn around rate for photos, but if I finish them faster I will of course send them out when they're finished. If something comes up and I am not able to finish the gallery in two weeks then I will contact you.

What is included in a session?

Your session includes our time together spent shooting, hours of professional editing time on your photos and an online gallery downloadable to your computer. You will receive many images to choose from and you will have an option to purchase more.

What location do you usually use for photos?

The mountains are my absolute favorite place to do sessions, but there are just so many locations around. I love the adventure that goes along with taking photos in the woods, but also love wide open fields to get the best golden light in.  I am open to any suggestions on places to shoot. Send me an idea and we will make it happen.

Do you have a studio?

I sure do! My studio is located in Los Alamos, NM at 2102 Trinity Dr. Suite S. 

Do you offer mini sessions?

I only offer mini sessions a couple times a year. The smallest package I have regularly is a 30 minute session. 

How do we book a session?

head on over to my contact tab and send me an email. We can talk and figure out a date and time that works best for you.

How far in advance do we need to book a session?

During summer and fall it is a good idea to contact me far in advance, anywhere from 4-6 weeks in advance would be good.

During the winter and spring about 2 weeks in advance is usually fine.

How will I receive my photos?

you will receive your photos through an online gallery sent to your email address where you will be able to download the photos straight onto your computer.

Can I make my own prints?

All prints are to be ordered through Samantha D'Anna Photography. There are instructions on how to do so on the online gallery that is send to you. This is the only way to ensure that you receive high quality color corrected prints. If you need to use the images for invitations or cards of any kind that is allowed. 

Do you provide props?

Some! I have a pink velvet chair and a gold velvet couch that can be requested. I also have Maternity gowns for my maternity clients to use! If you would like to use any props other than those in your photos you will need to provide them. 

What should I wear to my session?

Single person: you should wear something you feel comfortable in. Don't go way out of your comfort zone because you will end up not being happy with the outcome. Keep it simple and along the lines of what you normally wear. Try colors that make your eyes pop and compliment your skin tone. Nothing too flashy and not too crazy of a pattern.

Couple: you should wear complimentary colors. Please stay away from wearing the same thing, for example, both wearing a black shirt and jeans. Try and pick up to three colors that you like together and play around with pops of color in both of your outfits.

Family: please stay away from all wearing the same thing, for example, all wearing a black shirt and jeans. Try and choose 3-4 colors that go well together and play off of that. Lets say you choose burgundy, gray, black and tan. Have one person wear a black and tan striped shirt, one person wear a gray shirt with a burgundy scarf. Another in jeans and a gray shirt, someone in a black dress and someone in kakis with a black shirt. See where I am going with this.

Is there a perfect time of day for my photos?

Yes There is! We Photog’s call it the golden hour. The 1-2 hours before the sun sets is the best time to shoot. You get a warm glow and great lighting.