Blake & Elena

What a rainy day it was… but still so perfect!

Elena and Blake had their wedding down at Delancey Street Foundation, outside of Espanola, NM. It is a gorgeous compound and has the most gorgeous wedding ceremony location. Unfortunately, it dumped rain all day and that location is completely in the open. E + B were troopers, they did not let the rain stop them at all! We found a courtyard at Delancey where the guests could stand under a covered area all the way around them, and the bridal party would stand in the rain. They were in!

It lightly rained throughout the entire ceremony and photos afterwards. Everyone rocked the humidity and fuzzy, damp hair. The rain did not stop a single thing at this wedding, if anything, it made it the day it was supposed to be! The ceremony ended up being a lot cozier, and same with the reception. Its was moved into the dining hall last minute. Luckily there was a tent outside for all the fun dancing they did late into the night!

Congrats Elena + Blake!